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Salam Arabic program serves students from all walks of life and at all levels of their educational and professional careers by utilizing active-learning approaches and learner-centered methodology. Our wide catalog includes a variety of courses from which you may take your own path to learning this beautiful language.

Course levels

Short Term course

Intensive Course (beginners): The aim of this course is to introduce students who have no previous knowledge of Arabic or who have a very initial knowledge of it. So, this course will familiarize the students with the alphabet, the sounds, and the basic words and expressions which will enable them to comprehend, read, write, and speak Arabic. Topics covered in this level fully focus on the four skills and include teaching: Countries, Jordanian cities, Directions, Seasons, Months, Days of the Week, Colours, Plants (vegetable and fruits), Clothes, The Human Body, Family, Transportation, Parts of a House, , Drinks, Furniture, Numbers The students will be acquainted with extended greetings, finding an apartment, touring downtown, at the restaurant, at the clinic, at the mall, , a trip to a Jordanian city, a visit to a friend.


2 weeks and a total of 20 contact/classroom hours

10/7/2022 - 25/7/2022

10/9/2022 - 25/9/2022

Intermediate Term course

In this level, students will be taught to read simple Arabic texts, understand them and express their general ideas. They will also write simple correct sentences describing items or talking about different subjects. The students will ask and answer about basic needs and requests. Students in this level will be able to communicate by using classical Arabic. They will go through real life experiences where they can communicate by using Arabic. In addition, students will learn to write more extended sentences. They will understand communicative and descriptive texts. These texts reflect and use the linguistic competencies students have achieved and present the learner with the necessary tools to identify the rich and diverse Arabic culture in which Arabic language is used. This level also builds and enhances students’ language intuition. Students can predict the meaning of new words in context and perform linguistic tasks with substantial proficiency.


4 weeks (approximately 1 month) and a total of 80 contact/classroom hours

10/7/2022 - 10/8/2022

10/9/2022 - 10/10/2022

Long Term course

This level is designed to help you study, in-depth, the many nuances of the Modern Standard Arabic, the language as it is spoken in the contemporary discourse of the Arab region. In order to immerse our students in an exceptionally cultural and practical learning experience with the native speakers, our coursework includes plenty of extracurricular activities, vacations and field trips to prominent locations of Jordan.


8 weeks approximately 2 months and a total of 160 contact/classroom hours

10/7/2022 - 10/9/2022

10/9/2022 - 10/11/2022